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Lei Mao

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. On the Move.

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Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

• I started to work as a Deep Learning Engineer at NVIDIA at Santa Clara, California, from February 2019, mainly focusing on machine learning and deep learning algorithm development and prototyping for natural language processing, computer vision, and speech processing problems, and deep learning model deployment using NVIDIA TensorRT.

• I worked as a Machine Learning Research Intern at Technicolor Artificial Intelligence Lab at Palo Alto, California, from June to September in 2018, mainly focusing on time-series predictive analysis for visual effects production process using machine learning and deep learning methods.

• I worked as the Chief Strategy Officer and Research Data Scientist at Driving-Force Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical start-up at Dalian, China, from 2016 to 2017, mainly focusing on experiment strategic plan and data analysis for novel drug development.


• I got a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. I did part-time research in Matthew Walter Lab at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago on vehicle localization problems using deep learning and Bayesian methods.

• I got a M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry with a certificate of Structural Biology and Biophysics from Duke University in 2016, and a B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology with a certificate of Mathematical Modeling from Dalian University of Technology in 2012.

• I was a PhD candidate in the Department of Biochemistry at Duke University, working on DNA repair mechanisms. I did not get my luck, and was extremely unhappy there. So I decided to leave Duke University to do the right thing in my life in 2016.

Honors and Awards

• I have independently won a good number of awards in domestic and international mathematical modeling contests (which are team contests), including CUMCM (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling) and ICM (The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling), when I was an undergraduate student majored in Biotechnology in China.

• I have been taking different levels of Mathematical Olympiad for decades since my childhood, but I have only won a few prizes in regional college-level competitions. Perhaps I am not extremely talented in Mathematics.

• I have been awarded almost all the top honors and scholarships, including President's List and National Scholarship three years in a row, when I was in college. But I have only won an Outstanding Research Poster Award in the Biochemistry Department Retreat despite my four-year effort at Duke University, right before my termination from Duke University in 2016.

Computer Skills

Logo (I called it Turtle) is the first programming language that I learned when I was a third-year primary-school student in 2000.

• I could program using Python, C/C++, CUDA, Java, Scala, Haskell, MATLAB, JavaScript, and R, which are ranked according to my proficiency in a decreasing order. While it is inevitable that I might not be able to program some of the programming languages listed above efficiently, I have done at least one large project for each of them.

• I use C/C++ and CUDA for high performance computing and machine learning fast inference, and use Python for most of the machine learning and artificial intelligence studies and the fast prototyping of most of the projects.

• I know little about HTML/CSS language. I made my websites based on templates, and revised them using my programming common sense and Google.


Chinese is my mother tongue.

• My English is proficient.

You may also check my GitHub for the projects I did, and visit my LinkedIn for more details about my career.