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Lei Mao

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science.

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Because there are so many lies in the world, I think I need to stand out and do something beneficial to the society. I myself is a victim of life science education and research. With my own determination, and lots of help from others, I finally got rid of the shadow brought by life science. Now I am making a better me so it is time for me to give back.

Big Fish Eats Little Fish - Pieter Bruegel the Elder

If you are one of the people who are suffering from life science education and research, and want to change career, please join the community via the following ways. We will answer questions, advise on career plan, and recommend courses and books. I don’t answer questions in personal Emails on those topics because the content would not be reusable. If you have questions, please post questions in the community.

Please also spread this to anyone who you think may need it. Thank you very much.

Ways to Communicate


Gitter is mostly used by developers, and it only supports the accounts from GitHub, GitLab, and Twitter. I know people studying life science usually don’t have GitHub or GitLab accounts, but you should have one!



Discord is mostly used by gamers for real-time voice communications, but I found its chat room is very good as well!



Slack is the most famous communication software, and I don’t think I have to introduce it.


Bug Report

If you found difficulty accessing the communications tools, or found any bugs, please leave a message below.