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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. On the Move.

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Computer Science @ University of Chicago

The new career has just begun. But I wish I could have some in the near future.

Biostatistics @ Driving-Force Therapeutics

Journal Articles

  • Traditional Herbal Medicine-Derived Sulforaphene Promotes Mitophagic Cell Death in Lymphoma Cells Through CRM1-Mediated p62/SQSTM1 Accumulation and AMPK Activation.
    Haina Wang, Fuqiang Wang, Sijin Wu, Zhiheng Liu, Tingting Li, Lei Mao, Jie Zhang, Cheng Li, Caigang Liu, Yongliang Yang
    Chemico-Biological Interactions, 2018. 281: p. 11-23

  • Traditional Herbal Medicine-Derived Sulforaphene LFS-01 Reverses Colitis in Mice by Selectively Altering the Gut Microbiota and Promoting Intestinal Gamma-Delta T Cells.
    Ming Li, Jiali Gao, Yan Tang, Meishuo Liu, Sijin Wu, Kunli Qu, Xiangyu Long, Huajun Li, Min Liu, Yinhui Liu, Jieli Yuan, Lei Mao, Yu Liu, Xiliang Zheng, Erkang Wang, Jin Wang, and Yongliang Yang
    Front Pharmacol. 2017; 8: 959

Biochemistry @ Duke University

MS Thesis

  • Biochemical Characterization of Human Exonuclease 1 Protein-protein Interactions
    Duke University, 2016

Journal Articles

  • A Farnesyltransferase Acts to Inhibit Ectopic Neurite Formation in C. elegans
    David Carr, Leticia Sanchez-Alvarez, Janice H. Imai, Cristina Slatculescu, Nathaniel Noblett, Lei Mao, Lorena Beese and Antonio Colavita
    PLoS One, 2016. 11(6): e0157537

Biochemistry @ Dalian University of Technology

Journal Articles

  • Targeting the Nuclear Transport Machinery by Rational Drug Design
    Lei Mao and Yongliang Yang
    Curr Pharm Des, 2013. 19(12): p. 2318-25

  • CRM1 is a Cellular Target of Curcumin: New Insights for the Myriad of Biological Effects of an Ancient Spice
    Mingshan Niu, Sijin Wu, Lei Mao and Yongliang Yang
    Traffic, 2013. 14(10): p. 1042-52


  • Sunitinib Used as the Inhibitor of Acetylcholinesterase
    Mingshan Niu, Lei Mao and Yongliang Yang
    Patent Number: CN102648906 A