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Lei Mao

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Lei Mao

Lei Mao at the Great Smoky Mountain in 2015

Who am I

My name is Lei Mao, and I am a Deep Learning Engineer at NVIDIA. My research interests are mainly in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Before I joined NVIDIA, I graduated from the University of Chicago with a master degree in Computer Science. I did my part-time research with Prof. Matthew Walter at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC) on Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics. I also hold a master degree in Biochemistry from Duke University and a bachelor degree in Biotechnology from Dalian University of Technology in China.

I am a perfectionist. I want to solve the problems in my hands in perfect ways, which is, however, not achievable in many situations.

Career Change

I believe I am a true scientist. However, I was not convinced that biology could be considered as “science” at the current level of human civilization when I was at Duke University. That was part of the motivations which caused me to leave that field. I should be thankful that I have learned math and programming well in college, and I met machine learning when I was at the lowest point of my life.

With the help from MOOC, the coursework at the University of Chicago, and the research opportunities at TTIC, I was able to quickly catch up. So far I have done a good number of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and data science projects indepedently. I am very willing to challenge myself more by doing some state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence researches.

About This Site

This website was formally built in the spring of 2017, but the style of the site has been changed several times.

The main purposes of this website are listed here:

  • Discuss the math and the technical details of machine learning and computer science theories
  • Document the implementation of algorithms to solve real problems
  • Present my independent research projects
  • Record my personal achievements

Contact Me

For scientific and business collaborations, advertisement, and consulting, please contact me via my personal Email.