BILT Credit Card Fraud


BILT Mastercard is a new credit card that allows the user to pay rent without transaction fees. It charges $0 annual fee and allows the user to accumulate points quickly. I have been using BILT Mastercard since last year and it was fine.

BILT Credit Card

BILT Credit Card Fraud

Recently, I started to get unauthorized charges all over the world. Probably because BILT Mastercard was backend by Wells Fargo, the fraud detections were usually successful and in time. However, the consequence is, I would have to replace a BILT Mastercard whenever I got authorized charges. In fact, I have replaced three cards in the past three months. Before I started to use BILT Mastercard, in the last ten years, I got zero authorized charges when I was using the credit cards from other banks. In addition to replacing the credit card, I would also have to change the automatic payment information for different bills, which was very inconvenient.

I strongly suspect that BILT Mastercard has some system bugs that allow the hackers to steal and use the credit card information from the credit card holders.


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