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Nowadays, working from home and having virtual meetings have become very common. However, I really started to miss my whiteboard in the company which I could use to illustrate my ideas with my colleagues. Online painters, such as Kleki, can also serve as a whiteboard to be shared during the virtual meeting. But my collaborators could only watch me drawing and I could not draw very well using a mouse.

Therefore, I was looking for an online whiteboard that can be work on collaboratively from multiple devices, including an iPad which I could use to draw using a pen or my fingers rather than a mouse. Fortunately, I found Miro that has almost everything that I was looking for.

Miro Whiteboard

Public Whiteboard

Private Whiteboard


Draw During Virtual Conference

On your laptop, in the virtual conference, share the Miro whiteboard on the screen. At the same time, on your iPad, access the same whiteboard via a browser or iOS app, and start to draw using an Apple Pencil. So can also share the Miro whiteboard with your colleagues so that they can draw on the same whiteboard as well, provided that they have Miro accounts.

Clear Board

To clear the whiteboard, press Ctrl + A followed by Delete.



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