Damn AT&T Prepaid Plans


I have been an AT&T prepaid plan user since I came to the United States in 2012. I used the prepaid plan because I feel the plan was just sufficient for me and I wanted to avoid all the family plan bullshits since I didn’t really have a family here.

Even until today, the prepaid plan has still been sufficient for me. But recently, I just found that AT&T has not really been taking care of its loyal prepaid plan customers. In this blog post, I would like to quickly discuss the outdated and more expensive prepaid plans that probably most of the AT&T prepaid plan users are still using.

Check and Upgrade AT&T Prepaid Plan

I probably have not checked my prepaid plan in the past 5 years. Recently, I was able to login the AT&T prepaid account on the AT&T prepaid plan user portal. AT&T treated the prepaid plan users differently from the “ordinary” users and the prepaid plan user account will not work on the AT&T official website.

The Old AT&T Prepaid Plan

The old AT&T prepaid plan that I had been using over the last five to ten years is as follows.

The Old Bad and Expansive Prepaid Plan

I pay $35 per month for the prepaid plan which contains 2GB of the (low-speed) data. This prepaid plan is no longer available for purchase.

The New AT&T Prepaid Plan

But I realized that there is a new prepaid plan which is just cheaper and better than the one I had been using. Much more data, high-speed, and cheaper price.

The New Better and Cheaper Prepaid Plan

I don’t know how long this new prepaid plan has been around and I feel I have been fooled by AT&T over the years.

Upgrade The AT&T Prepaid Plan

Even if I wanted to upgrade the prepaid plan for a better and cheaper one immediately, AT&T threatened me with the possibility of losing service. I would have to remember to come back at the day before the old prepaid plan renews.

Prepaid Plan Switch Warnings


For AT&T prepaid users, please check your prepaid plan and upgrade it if necessary as you might have been encountering the same overpayment for worse service as mine.


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