ONNX Opset Operator Counts


In the June 2023 ONNX Community Meeting roundtable discussion, the community quickly discussed whether ONNX needs to be upgraded from 1.x to 2.0 in the future. Although it’s still unclear whether this kind of version upgrade is necessary, the number of operators or functions that ONNX supports does expand, which is a key contributor for making AI spread and prosper over the years.

In this blog post, just because of curiosity, I quickly wrote a counting program for checking how many ONNX operators and functions are released in each ONNX opset or release.

ONNX Opset Operator Counts

The statistics were collected and analyzed from the ONNX operator schemas on the GitHub ONNX repository main branch. It will always stay up-to-date unless someday the ONNX operator schemas text content changes and breaks the counting program.

From the statistics, we could see that ONNX opset 13 released the most operators and functions comparing to other opsets. In my opinion, ONNX opset 13 was also a milestone, maybe somewhat like C++11 for C++, that made most of the neural networks functionally representative by ONNX operators and functions. Even today, I am still using ONNX opset 13 quite frequently.



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