EmulatorJS is a wonderful JavaScript based emulator created by a kid Ethan O’Brien. EmulatorJS supports a variety of systems, including Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Arcade, etc.


BIOS might be optional for some systems, such as Game Boy Advance. The files can be consumed from local computer or URL. The button mapping and game state saving are also available after the ROM is loaded. For more detailed instructions, please check EmulatorJS's official documentation. To play a demo, we could download Jim Bagley’s free GBA game Asteroids and run it with EmulatorJS.

Known Issues

  • The only way to make Arcade emulation work is to save the ROM and BIOS files whose filenames end with .zip on server. Local ROM and BIOS files will lose the .zip file extension in the object URL after submission and will not be read by the Arcade emulator correctly. Downloading ROM and BIOS files from URLs will usually be blocked by CROS policy. These issues have not been observed in the emulation of other systems.



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