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Micromouse is a contest where small robot mice (micromouse) solve a maze. It is very popular in US, UK and Japan among the young juniors who are interested in designing robots and programming artificial intelligence. In Micromouse contest, the players are going to test their micromouse to solve the maze.

The project goal is to design a micromouse that could explore and find destination efficiently in the virtual maze.

Here is a demo of a real micromouse contest.

A maze solver algorithm and a maze explorer algorithm were developed for micromouse using real-time dynamic programming. Equipped with such algorithms, the micromouse shows extremely potent ability in maze exploration optimal route planning.

Source Codes

All the Python source codes and their usages could be downloaded from my GitHub.

The script uses the turtle module to visualize the maze; you can click on the window with the visualization after drawing is complete to close the window.

To allow more changes to the micromouse, the scripts can be modified accordingly.

Simulation Results

Watch the micromouse exploring and solving the maze on YouTube.

Here is one of the demos showing the virtual micromouse explores and solves the virtual maze.


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