PUBG Red Packet Game Real-Time Leaderboard


This is a web application that monitors the PUBG red packet games from famous Chinese player, such as YYF, Mu, and Longdd, in real-time.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Learderboard Entry

The following link always directs the user to the latest application that is being deployed.

PUBG Red Packet Game Real-Time Leaderboard

Leaderboard Preview

Technical Details

Real-Time Leaderboard

The application consists of three major components, a web crawler, a stats summarizer, and a web server.

Web Crawler

The web crawler runs infinitely in the background, collecting all the player and match information to a SQLite database in real time.

Stats Summarizer

The stats summarizer queries the SQLite database routinely, prepares a stats snapshot, and save the stats snapshot to Redis server.

Web Server

The web server request the stats snapshot from the Redis server and send the information back the user upon request.



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