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Sometimes, we will have to deal with large file copy and compression and decompression. These operations will take very long time and we would like to track the their progresses.

Linux has a tool called pv, namely pipe viewer, that allows showing the progress bar of file copy, compression, and decompression. In this blog post, I would like to show its usage quickly.


$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install pv pigz

Note that pigz could improve the compression and decompression performance significantly.


Copy File

$ pv source/data.tar.gz > target/data.tar.gz
142GiB 0:13:53 [ 178MiB/s] [==============================>] 100%  

Tape Archive Decompression

$ pv source/data.tar.gz | tar xf - --use-compress-program="pigz -dk -p8" -C target/
142GiB 0:09:40 [ 250MiB/s] [==============================>] 100%  

Tape Archive Compression

$ tar -cf - --use-compress-program="pigz -k -p8" source/data/ | pv -s $(du -sb data/ | awk '{print $1}')  > target/data.tar.gz
142GiB 0:05:30 [ 500MiB/s] [==============================>] 100%